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Transformational leadership coaching for entrepreneurs and leaders

You’re a successful entrepreneur, business leader, or executive. But you’re not satisfied with the status quo. You want to challenge yourself, redefine what’s possible, and create a life of meaning and fulfillment.

What’s getting in the way? Your blind spots, fears, and insecurities that are holding you back. Successful leaders across industries work with executive coaches to help them see what they're missing, tell them the truth, and push them to get to the next level.

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About Me

I am a coach to CEOs, business leaders at Fortune 500 Companies, and executives across the globe. I work with leaders who want to break the status quo and achieve greater success in their life. My clients want to challenge themselves, redefine what’s possible, and create a life of meaning and fulfillment.

As an immigrant to the US, I’ve built a successful career. I graduated from Harvard, then from Stanford. I’ve held leadership roles at some truly great companies, built $100M+ businesses, and developed large teams. But life has not always been linear. While I’ve had great successes, I have also experienced crushing failures. The one constant through it all has been my fascination with human behavior. I’ve been a student of it for as long as I can remember. In my professional life, I have been both a player and a keen spectator in human interactions. I learnt to decode the patterns, the motivations, and the emotions that drove me, and drive all of us, to action or inaction. My interest in human behavior combined with my desire to serve people led me to the next chapter of my career as a coach.

As a coach, I challenge clients to explore their deepest challenges and transform them into great strengths. I tell them what no one else dares to tell them. I help them become more self-aware than they’ve ever been, overcome their fears and insecurities, and reach for what was previously impossible.

I live in San Francisco, California and work with clients all over the world.

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... plus others from industries such as enterprise tech, startups, gaming, nonprofit, government, energy, pharma and logistics.

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How Does It Work

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What Clients Are Saying

"Throughout our interactions, Prateek consistently demonstrated a profound understanding of my needs and aspirations... Prateek granted me the autonomy to explore various possibilities, while also ensuring that any decisions I made were rational, preventing me from overlooking valuable opportunities."

"I have found the coaching experience to be even more beneficial than I had anticipated. I am particularly grateful for how personalized the coaching has been to my unique circumstances... they have equipped me with the essential mental frameworks to approach challenging conversations at work... I am now able to navigate through difficult situations with more confidence."

"Prateek is a kind and considerate coach who makes his clients feel heard. He worked with me on my stated goals and helped me explore options related to those goals. I was able to work through several issues successfully while working with Prateek very quickly."