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We have served leaders from dozens of organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups. A partial list is below.

... plus numerous others from industries such as enterprise tech, startups, gaming, nonprofit, government, energy, pharma and logistics.

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Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching

Most of the successful leaders you know work with executives coaches. A helpful way to understand executive coaching is through sports. Consider why even the best athletes in the world need coaches. The reason is that no one can watch themselves objectively and deeply while they are out on the field, playing the game. During the game, a coach watches the player and provides real-time feedback. Once the game is over, a coach will sit down with the player, go over the game, replay the tape, and make observations that the player would otherwise miss. They will together identify ways in which the player could improve the next time. The same is true for leadership.

This makes executive coaching an effective way to increase self-awareness, identify areas of action, and spur action to facilitate transformative growth.

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What Clients Are Saying

  • "Really solid coach. He challenged me to think differently. He helped me change my perspective and gave me space to come to new conclusions and awareness." - Rachel, Organizational Change Management Leader

  • "I must commend Prateek for his exceptional ability. Throughout our interactions, he consistently demonstrated a profound understanding of my needs and aspirations. Prateek granted me the autonomy to explore various possibilities, while also ensuring that any decisions I made were rational, preventing me from overlooking valuable opportunities." - Public Health Leader, state of California

  • "I have found the coaching experience to be even more beneficial than I had anticipated. Our conversations have been immensely valuable to me, as they have equipped me with the essential mental frameworks to approach challenging conversations at work. Thanks to our conversation, I am now able to navigate through difficult situations with more confidence. Additionally the insights have helped me gain foresight and understand long-term benefits of coping with difficult work situations." - Operations Leader at Wayfair

  • "Prateek is a kind and considerate coach who makes his clients feel heard. He worked with me on my stated goals and helped me explore options related to those goals. I was able to work through several issues successfully while working in Prateek very quickly." - Amelia F.

  • "Prateek is a powerful coach. His insights are powerful and he remembers important threads that might be helpful. I found myself seeing myself in new ways and organizing information for moving forward in ways that felt profoundly connected to my unique needs and desires that had surprising staying power. He is an expert at asking questions and drawing out insights and conclusions that feel fresh. His presence invites a deeper exploration that would free up ideas and uncover limited thinking and beliefs." - Brooke M.

  • "I've really appreciated my time with Prateek. The most valuable thing, for me, is his skill in asking questions. Though I am quite a reflective person and a trained coach, he always finds a way to push my thinking and ask a question I haven't considered. This has helped me make progress toward my stated goals, but also work through challenging situations that have come up along the way." -Jen, Senior Director at MongoDB

  • "Working with Prateek has greatly impacted my ability to deliver presentations with confidence and ease. Just this morning my manager reached out to compliment me on the great leaps I have made in speaking to clients! Prateek helped me overcome my natural meekness and shine. This was accomplished through biweekly conversations and reading material he provided. I would not hesitate to work with Prateek in the future and highly recommend him as a coach." - Stephanie, 4G Clinical

What to expect

Why Consider Executive Coaching

High-performing leaders across industries work with executive coaches to help them find greater successes. Coaching lets you see your blind spots, fears, and insecurities that are holding you back, and create transformative and sustainable change in your work and life.

  • Personal Growth and Productivity: Cultivate an authentic and sustainable leadership style

  • Communication and Relationships: Communicate effectively with your board, managers, and customers

  • Building a Vibrant Team: Build a productive team through increased self-awareness and confidence.

  • Managing your Board and Organization: Make good decisions by observing what was previously hiding beneath the surface.

  • Fulfillment: Learn to cope with fear, anger, stress and other common stressors, and find joy in your work

  • New possibilities: Explore the changes you are considering, in a safe and methodical manner

About Me

Prateek Singhal
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I am a coach for founders, CEOs, and leaders at companies across the globe. I help my clients lead with courage and clarity, cultivate the skills to build productive organizations, and enhance fulfillment and balance in their work. I have been in the trenches as early employee and executive at startups that reached millions of customers and had sizable exits, and have built and scaled high-growth businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I work with clients on areas such as creating a productive organizational structure, communicating effectively with their board and customers, building a high-performing team, or cultivating resilience in the face of adversity. As a coach, I draw on my 15 years of leadership experience, my training at Stanford, Harvard, and IIT, and my experience coaching hundreds of people. I have worked in leadership roles at startups (Threadflip, SquareTrade) as well as large companies (Wayfair, eBay, McKinsey), and live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Professional Experience

I began my career as a management consultant at McKinsey, focusing on performance transformation projects in Asia and Africa. My startup experience includes serving as VP of Operations at Threadflip where I was responsible for managing a large P&L, and overseeing a team of 100+, and as Senior Director of Strategy and Operations at SquareTrade (acquired by Allstate) where I was responsible for managing multiple business units, helped the organization grow revenue by 4x, become profitable, and expand across several categories and geographies. I have also led businesses at Fortune 500 companies like eBay (Head of eBay Valet Mobile Business) and Wayfair (Director of Operations).Throughout my professional life, I have been both a participant in, and a keen student of human interactions. I have learnt to decode the patterns, the motivations, and the emotions that drove me, and drive all of us, to action or inaction. As a coach, I have served hundreds of leaders at companies like Meta, Amazon, Google, Uber, Wayfair, Stanford University, The World Bank, the US Federal Government, and multiple startups. My clients work in diverse industries such as retail, enterprise tech, gaming, learning and development, nonprofit, government, energy, pharma and logistics.


I hold an MBA from Stanford University, MPA in International Development from Harvard University, and a Bachelors in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology. I hold an International Coach Federation-accredited Certified Professional Coach certification.


Contact Me

If you are curious about working together or would like more information, please fill out the form below. Or click on the button below to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with me.